Station Name: HERCULANEUM DOCK (1st)


[Source: Paul Wright]

Date opened: 4.2.1893
Location: West of Sefton Street.
Company on opening: Liverpool Overhead Railway
Date closed to passengers: 21.12.1896
Date closed completely: 21.12.1896
Company on closing: Liverpool Overhead Railway
Present state: Demolished
County: Lancashire
OS Grid Ref: SJ354876
Date of visit: 1.7.2005

Notes: The Liverpool Overhead Railway (LOR) opened on 6 March 1893 and Herculaneum Dock was the northern terminus of the five mile line. The LOR was an elevated railway track level being 16ft above the street. The line was carried on an iron deck supported on iron pillars. By the late 19th century the Liverpool dock system had become so congested that a passenger railway was required and the LOR was built to meet that need. From the start it was an electric railway using three coach electric multiple units that collected their current from a live rail laid in the centre of the running rails.

Herculaneum Dock was on the north side of dock from which it took its name at the southern end of the Liverpool Dock system. To the east was the Brunswick yard of the Cheshire Lines Committee railway.

The station was elevated above the line on iron pillars. It had two platforms that were protected from the elements by an overall roof of iron, timber and glass. access to the station was by covered stairways that led up from the street.

At the time of opening Herculaneum Dock had a frequent service of electric trains that ran to and from Alexandra Dock. On 30 April 1894 a northern extension opened to Seaforth Sands which became the northern terminus for train services.

The line was an immediate success but its passenger numbers dropped off after 6.00pm when most of the dock workers had returned home. The LOR believed that they needed to tap into residential areas and to achieve that aim they built an extension to Dingle which opened on 21 December 1896. The extension deviated from the original line to the north of Herculaneum Dock station leaving it isolated. Because of this a new Herculaneum Dock station was opened to the north of the junction between thye original line and the Dingle extension.

The original station was converted into a carriage shed which remained in use until the line closed on 30 December 1956.

The original Herculaneum Dock station was demolished with the rest of the Overhead Railway towards the end of 1957.

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Tickets by Michael Stewart, except 4989 Nick Catford, Bradshaw by Nick Catford and route map drawn by Alan Young.


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The original Herculaneum Dock terminus looking west in the 1950's

The first Herculaneum Dock station shown on a 1908 map after it had been converted into a carraige shed. The southern extension line which opened in 1896 is seen to the north.

Looking south-east at the first Herculaneum Dock station in the 1950s when it was a carraige shed. The lines curving off to the left led to Dingle and had opened in 1896.
Copyright photo from Stations UK

Looking south-east towards the first Herculaneum Dock station from the site of the second in July 2005. The red car in the distance marks the site of the first station.
Photo by Paul Wright

Looking west towards the site of the first Herculaneum Dock station on 14 December 2013. The station was located to the right of the roundabout. To the right of the wall that is adjacent to the three flags can be seen two dark coloured columns. They are a surviving section of the LOR southern extension of 1896. Very little survived the demolition of the line in 1957/8.
Photo by Paul Wright

Looking north-west at the site of the first Herculaneum Dock station on 14 December 2014.
Photo by Paul Wright




:[Source: Paul Wright]

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